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Darshana Sengupta
Founder of WPCR NE

An entrepreneur from North East India, who have influenced many lives in North East and also in Mumbai. She has been on road for more than 5 lakh kilometers empowering women with a scientific approach in training them. Dedicating her life to her passion she founded and organised the first ever women car rally in the region in 2013 which is organized every year since then.

Her biggest milestones are

  • First woman car instructor in North East
  • Winner of 1st prize in Hornbill Motor Rally 2013
  • 1st prize winner of Torque Power Challenge 3 at Sonapur 2014
  • Founder and Organizer of WPCR NE

We Green trans4rm team had the honor to capture her story. Watch her story as how she motivated and changed many lives across us. Thank you Mam.